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Whether it's an interview, an event, reels, shorts for social media, or any other project, we're thrilled to produce it. With 15 years of experience as a Professional Videographer in Budapest, we know the best way.


Contemporary approach to any type of photography you might need. Let's list a few: Product Photography, Events, Commercial, Social Media Content for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others – you name it, we're ready.

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Our Price Ranges for Videography Services in Budapest

While it is very uncommon to put up prices on a website for such services, I understand the needs of our future clients to have at least some basic insights into the price ranges before they even make an inquiry. So, here we go 🤗:

How are the prices for Videography Services calculated:

Normally, the project fee is calculated based on the amount of time required, multiplied by the hourly rate of the necessary assets. For some special projects, additional licensing costs may apply. This is why we normally request details of the project so we can estimate the cost.

Here is an infographic of price ranges for 3 most common project categories: Low, Medium and High

200 - 700 EUR

Low Budget

These are super low, on-budget mini-projects, usually taking an hour or so to complete. This category might include a basic 1-minute interior glide-alike cinematic video, a compilation of reels / shorts for social media, or a quick interview. In most cases, this does not include additional equipment such as lighting, grip, stabilizers, drone, audio recorders, scripting, preproduction, etc…

700 - 2 000 EUR

Most Common

This range is for medium-sized projects. It covers events or smaller commercials where more equipment and planning are needed than the lowest budget options. Services include better camera and audio setups, and possibly drone footage. This is a good choice for projects that need a professional touch without a high-end budget.

2 000 - 10 000 EUR

Higher Budget

This is for larger, detailed projects. It includes everything from thorough planning to high-quality post-production. Perfect for big commercials, major events, or documentaries requiring a crew, multiple locations, and top-tier equipment. These projects focus on delivering the highest quality results.

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